Programming course Online

FullStack Java Development (Java, Web, Mobile). The course is certified by DEKRA.

The profession of a programmer is perhaps the most promising and in demand on the labor market in Germany and the world.

The programming process allows you to create applications, sites and services of various kinds. Our course will provide knowledge and practical skills both in the server (Backend) and in the client (Frontend) of software development.

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After completing the full (Basic + Professional) course — you will receive:

  • relevant knowledge and skills necessary for employment;

  • practical work on the project in the final part of the course;

  • a high-paying profession that is in demand anywhere in the world!

Maximum practice

From the very first lessons, you will start writing code yourself!

You will study only relevant modern technologies, acquire only knowledge necessary for future work.


You will receive professional feedback (personal code review) for each homework you complete. You will be able to add many of these tasks to your portfolio later.

Project work

At the final stage of the course, you will be able to take part in the work on the project: put into practice the knowledge gained, improve teamwork skills and, of course, enrich your resume.

With the Fullstack Java Developer course, you will become an in-demand specialist in less than 1 year!

1.280 specialists required in Berlin and 8.100 throughout Germany (LinkedIn *)
€ 45,000 - Average annual salary for a specialist with up to 2 years of experience (Glassdoor)
8 months - a full professional course lasts, allowing you to start employment immediately after graduation

* - the number of vacancies by profession: Java Backend Developer + Frontend Developer.


Find out about your possibilities: get funding through JobCenter and Arebeitsagentur up to 100% of the cost of training. Our courses are DEKRA certified, AZAV certificate.

   Can you pay for your studies through JobCenter and Arbeitsagentur?


There are 2 formats of classes:

  • The morning course is an accelerated version of training , classes are held 5 times a week on weekdays, for 3 hours (from 10-00 to 13-30). Suitable for students receiving funding through JobCenter and Arbeitsagentur.

  • Evening course - it is convenient to combine with work , classes are held 3 times a week for 3 hours (from 18-00 to 21-00)

The course consists of the Basic and Professional parts:

Basic Programming






Course duration:
≈ 2 months

Fullstack Java Development






Course duration:
≈ 6 months

Start of the next course: July 26


We help absolutely all our students who have completed a full (professional) course and fulfilled all our requirements * in the employment process.

We organize both private consultations and group workshops, in which we help with:

  • drawing up a resume;

  • collection of recommendations;

  • preparation for interviews;

  • analysis of technical interviews.

We provide project work in which you can hone your skills in:

  • selection of technologies for the implementation of the project, its architecture;

  • work with documentation (technical specifications, application mockups, etc.);

  • development in real mode with the team, testers, etc.

* - attending classes (at least 80%), doing homework (more than 90%), actively participating in project work after the training course

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