Модуль Java, Web, Mobile | Учебный центр Tel-Ran

Java, Web, Mobile Module

A professional module that makes it possible to comprehensively master the profession of a programmer.

Necessary initial training:

  1. Programming basics

  2. Basic English

​Duration: 639 ac. hours (≈5.5 months)

Модуль Basic Programming | Учебный центр Tel-Ran
Даты ближайших курсов

504 ac hours, in person

≈14 months

Nearest Course Dates


10.00 - 13.30

ежедневно  по будням

Wednesday and Sunday*

Full cost


1.329/per month*

Full cost


1.329/per month*


  • Master the sought-after profession of a full-stack programmer.
  • Create real projects in course of your training both independently and in a team.
  • Get ready for your future employment and find a dream job with us*.

* We provide assistance in writing resumes, collecting recommendations and preparing for interviews.

The objective of the course is to provide the maximum amount of knowledge and practical skills that allow the student to master the profession of a programmer.

A programmer is currently one of the most sought-after and highly paid professions in the world. Programmers can create mobile applications, sites and computer programs, as well as control household appliance systems and entire “smart homes”. 


The program of the module is designed to gradually introducing you to more and more complex material, so that, starting at zero, you can become a real specialist in less than a year.

The studied technologies, languages and tools include Eclipse IDE, C / Java, Spring, Hibernate, REST, JavaScript, JQuery, Angular, Android Studio, HTML, CSS, SQL DB, No SQL DB - Mongo DB, UML.

Our courses are accredited through JobCenter and Arbeitsagentur, which allows you to compensate up to 100% of the cost of training.

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